12 Jun

IATA issues relaxed timelines for submitting audited accounts

ABTA has been informed that IATA’s UK office has announced the approval of an exceptional extension to deadlines for agents to file annual audited accounts. IATA is taking the following steps to communicate the measures:  

  • A banner with this change will be displayed on the IATA Customer Service Portal
  • The IATA Operational team will contact all agents with Financial Year End 31 Dec 2019 to advise them of the new deadline
  • All agents with FYE covered below will be contacted proactively, based on their FYE; 
Due date (as per LFC UK) New date due (extended)
30 Jun 2020 (FYE 31 Dec 2019) 30 Sep 2020 
31 Jul 2020 (FYE 31 Jan 2020) 30 Sep 2020 
31 Aug 2020 (FYE 29 Feb 2020) 31 Oct 2020
30 Sep 2020 (FYE 31 Mar 2020) 31 Oct 2020 

If Members have any questions in relation to the above, please contact Luke Petherbridge, Head of Public Affairs, on lpetherbridge@abta.co.uk.