08 Jan

How can travel businesses create and target effective email marketing campaigns?

Email remains the channel where 60% of consumers prefer to hear from brands*. Whilst there are many ways to connect with consumers, it’s important that as a travel company you have a good understanding of how to use email marketing effectively. 

Four reasons you shouldn’t forget about email marketing:

  • Personalisation: consumers are seeking personalised moments; these can be effectively created through email marketing. Personalised content is proven to get a better response rate than a generic message and email is a useful platform to tailor content to individuals.
  • Targeting: ensure your content is relevant to the audiences you want to reach. 94% of internet users use email**, whilst not everyone uses social media, this gives you a larger pool of potential customers to engage with. Email allows you to focus your marketing on the most relevant audience for your campaigns and tailor your content accordingly. 
  • Affordability: email marketing can be tailored to suit all budgets, so is a cost-effective way of getting your message out. Email campaigns also have a high ROI and are a good way to generate leads when you don’t have large budgets. 
  • Automation: ensure that your campaigns are sent at the most appropriate times to reach your desired audience. This is much harder with other marketing tools. One benefit of email marketing is that you can automate a response to a customer when they do something specific on your website e.g. sending a confirmation email when a booking is made.

ABTA is working with Pure360 to deliver its first Email Marketing in Travel training on Wednesday 26 February in central London. Listen to expert speakers cover the essentials of email marketing and take part in practical exercises to apply your learnings from each session to your own business. Find out more and register your place at abta.com/abtaevents

*DMA Consumer Email Tracker 2019
**Lyfe Marketing 2019