12 Jan

Holidaying Brits replace sex on the beach with cultural antics

Culture-Vulture Brits are ditching their ‘sex on the beach’ image to expand their horizons with sightseeing, a survey conducted by travel experts ABTA reveals today.

Sampling local food and customs scored above sex in an ABTA study into the things people value most about their annual summer holiday.

Only five per cent chose sex with a partner as the main priority of going on holiday while almost 20 per cent voted for meeting new people and gaining life experiences in different cultures.

The vast majority of people valued the opportunity to get away from everyday worries as the prime holiday attraction.

Top eight things people value most about going on holiday

1. Break from everyday worries and routine  32%
2. Spending quality time with family/friends     19%
3. Culture         18%
4. Relaxing and recharging      15%
5. Sunshine        8%
6. Sex with partner       5%
7. Being the envy of people on return from the holiday   2%
8. Seeing friends and family on return from the holiday   1%

“Holidays are important to people in different ways but the research is clear that holidays are a vital part of people's year and still will be this year despite the economic downturn,” said Casia Zajac, Head of Communications for ABTA.
“Planning and anticipating a holiday can sustain people through the winter months and the bleak financial times that are upon us.

“With the holiday being so crucial, it is important that they plan well and use reputable agents so they are not disappointed.  The best way to ensure your holiday happens without a glitch and you receive the highest level of service is to book with a travel company that is an ABTA member. For more travel advice, go to www.abta.com”

All statistics taken from a OnePoll survey of 2447 adults commissioned between December 24th 2008 and January 5th 2009.