18 Aug

Help and support when times are difficult

It was always hoped that this summer would be a meaningful start to the UK travel industry’s recovery, after two years of barely being able to trade. So, it is fantastic that millions of people have headed off on their long-awaited foreign holidays. 

The happy holiday photos from customers enjoying their trips are great to see but perhaps mask the difficult realities experienced by some travel companies and their staff. It has been a tough two years, and I know from Members that the impact is still felt, both on a business and personal level. 

Pressures remain, including around recruitment and repaying loans incurred during the pandemic, and now we have rising bills with the cost of living crisis to contend with. The day-to-day job of booking and organising travel is still more complicated. All of this can take its toll, particularly on mental health.  

This is why the work of ABTA Lifeline is so important in helping colleagues across the industry. Staff from ABTA Members can access counselling services through Lifeline’s partnership with the Centre for Crisis Psychology (CCP) who are there to help with mental health and wellbeing support.

We also now have two people trained in mental health first aid as part of ABTA Lifeline and TTG’s Mental Health Champions scheme, with more to follow.  Chris North and Tony Mann recently completed their training and are available, on a voluntary basis, to listen, offer support to those who need it, and guide people to the right services when more specialist help is required. Thank you to Chris and Tony, and those going through their training, for getting involved and giving their time. It is so valuable having people who understand the industry and the pressures everyone is under. 

You can find out more about the mental health and financial support available from Lifeline here and if you want to speak to Chris or Tony through the champions scheme, email enquiries@abtalifeline.org.uk. Everything is strictly confidential.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive