28 Apr

Flu outbreak - ABTA Statement 2

ABTA has been, and will continue to advise members on the ongoing situation regarding the outbreak of flu in Mexico, requesting them to be vigilant and issuing them with relevant information from the World Health Organisation, Health Protection Agency and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. ABTA has also posted relevant links on www.abta.com.

Following FCO advice advising against non essential travel to Mexico only, ABTA Members operating to Mexico are and will continue to review their policies with regards to holidays to Mexico.

Customers who have booked package holidays, should contact their tour operator for the latest information regarding their holiday itineraries. Customers who have booked independently should contact the company they booked with.

If customers are concerned about vaccinations or symptoms they should contact a health professional or their GP. 

ABTA will continue to monitor the situation closely and is in contact with all relevant authorities.