29 May

European Elections and PTD

A lot has been said this week about the European election, and the strong showing in the UK, and in other EU Member States of political parties that are highly Eurosceptic. There is no doubt that established political parties across Europe have lost ground; yet, it is worth remembering that the mainstream, political groupings still make up three quarters of the Parliament’s seats, with the centre-right remaining the biggest political grouping. This is likely to mean continuity in many EU policy areas, including the revision process of the Package Travel Directive. Many of the UK MEPS with whom ABTA has worked closely over the last few years will return to Brussels, including many who have shown a keen interest in the industry’s key issues. So, with this degree of continuity, ABTA is strongly placed to represent the voice of Members in Brussels ensuring balanced, workable legislative solutions.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive