23 Oct

Do you fully understand your obligations under the Package Travel and ATOL Regulations?

Many businesses have been selling multi-contract packages, and it's very important they understand the obligations that go with these. The regulations have been put into practice in other areas too, for example airline failure, and organisations have had to understand what their obligations are under the new regulations, when this happens. 

Businesses have also been dealing with customer requests for refunds when there are events or situations in destination that they feel are extraordinary circumstances. 

It's very important that businesses understand when they fall within the scope of the Package Travel Regulations. There has been continuing discussion around definitions such as transfers, other tourist services and package plus. Are you looking for clarification on these outstanding issues?

Alongside the new PTRs, the ATOL Regulations were updated last July and again this year, broadening their coverage. Travel companies have had to ensure they continue to be compliant with these regulations, which has meant some changes, particularly for those that may not have fallen within the scope of the regulations previously.

The changes to the Package Travel and ATOL Regulations have meant that travel companies have had to review their terms and conditions and ensure that the correct information is given out to customers over the phone and in-store. Do you understand what information is required to be given to PRMs as highlighted in Schedule one of the Package Travel Regulations? 

ABTA’s Definitive Guide to the Package Travel and ATOL Regulations seminar, being held on 20 November in London will look closely at the issues above as well as delving into financial protection, the liability for performance of the services and linked travel arrangements. For more information and to register for the event, please visit abta.com/abtaevents