03 May

Credit and debit card fees – lobby your MP

ABTA is encouraging Members to use our template letter to lobby your MP in support of our forthcoming response to a Treasury consultation on digital and card payments.

The consultation, which closes on 5 June, is exploring ways in which the Government can intervene to reduce the cost of taking payments and create increased competition in the payments industry. ABTA is using this opportunity to ask for greater regulatory oversight of the entire card payments chain, and proactive enforcement measures to ensure greater transparency for retailers. 

Please use the template provided to write to your local MP. You can find your MP using this link

ABTA’s Public Affairs Team is happy to assist Members with these letters, if needed. We would also be grateful to be sent copies of any letters (or emails) sent to MPs to enable us to follow up and provide additional information. You can contact the Public Affairs Team via publicaffairs@abta.co.uk or call Luke Petherbridge, Senior Public Affairs Manager, on 020 3117 0578.

Download template letter