26 Jun

Council of Regions vacancies

Nominations are invited for two vacancies that have arisen on the Council of Regions. Any Member may stand for election to the Council of Regions providing he or she is engaged in the travel business to a significant degree within the region for which they are standing.

There is one vacancy in each of the following regions:

  • Southern
  • Yorkshire & North Midlands.

The elected Member will serve until the AGM in 2019 and will automatically become either the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Region they represent, depending on their/the Regional Committee’s wishes. The elected Member is therefore expected to play an active role in that Region.

Visit the Governance page of our website to view the current members of the Council of Regions.

Who is eligible to stand?

Candidates for election must be a proprietor, a partner or employee of a firm or a director or employee of a corporation which is an ABTA Member or an associated company of the ABTA Member.

Who may nominate?

Nominations to fill the vacancies must be made by the candidate's own employer, i.e. the proprietor of a sole trader, the partner of a partnership, the company secretary or director of a limited company.

Nomination forms can be found here. Candidates are also required to submit a curriculum vitae, including an election statement of not more than 200 words, on the form provided and a photograph (head and shoulders) of themselves.

Deadline for nominations

All nomination papers must reach the Secretariat by 17:00 hours on Thursday, 5 July 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Daryl Nurthen on 020 3117 0564.