23 Jun

Confidence in a changing world: The seventh annual Travel Matters conference

Our seventh annual Travel Matters event took place last week in central London. This event brings together industry leaders, journalists and policymakers from UK and European government to debate topical policy matters affecting the travel industry. Travel Matters came at a significant moment in our history – the EU referendum will shape the future of the UK for generations to come.

Whilst the EU referendum has dominated news headlines for several weeks, it was not the only subject discussed at Travel Matters, reminding us of the breadth of issues we face as an industry. Our speakers, including IAG’s Willie Walsh, offered a range of perspectives on airport capacity, the package travel directive, industry trends and the American elections.  With a theme of ‘Confidence in a changing world’, we were reminded of how important it is that politicians in Westminster and Brussels deliver the physical and regulatory infrastructure to enable us to continue to grow and contribute to the UK economy.