03 Jul

Code of Conduct in practice

The ABTA Code of Conduct is one of the main areas that distinguishes ABTA Members from their competitors. Consumers regard the Code as a key safeguard of their interests which makes them more likely to seek out ABTA Members when booking. It’s important that you keep up to date with the Code and use it as a best practice guide to give the best service to your clients. The latest version of the Code is always on abta.com, along with guidance on how to comply with it and we’ve just added two new case studies on the Code in practice. These are examples of issues we’ve investigated under the Code and will help you to better understand what the Code requires you to do. The new case studies, which both deal with cancellations, can be seen in the guidance and resources section of our website. The ABTA Business Support Manual also gives practical assistance on how to incorporate the Code into your working practices. By doing so you will not only bring benefit to your customers, it will also help you to avoid potential disputes and the costs associated with arbitration or the small claims court.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive