13 Jun

The changing shape of the package holiday

Today ABTA spokespeople have been conducting interviews on the changing face of the modern package holiday on the back of this press release put together with ONS data and invaluable feedback from ABTA Members about the early days of the industry. 

Package holidays can sometimes be the butt of cheap jibes, with the implication that they are somehow inferior to other types of travel experience, but of course as an industry we know that package holidays have evolved hugely over a number of years and offer enduring appeal. The package has also played a pivotal role in providing affordable foreign holidays, which have broadened the horizons of millions of UK holidaymakers. 

In recent years we have seen a resurgence of the package, as people increasingly value the convenience, good value and protection that they offer and as the market has adapted to offering a much wider variety of holidays, with a focus on personalised experiences. The modern flexible and tailored package now includes everything from adventure holidays to well-being breaks and river and ocean cruises, as well as the traditional beach break.  ABTA research shows that half of the holidays people take each year are package breaks, and this figure remains steady, and this is a tribute to the constant innovation and highly responsive nature of the travel industry, which continues to reflect and mould our customers’ holiday choices.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive