21 Jan

Changes to Premium and Fast Track Passport services

We have been advised that Her Majesty's Passport Office is introducing major changes to the service it offers at the counter.   

The details are as follows:

From 3 February the types of passport application that can be dealt with at Her Majesty's Passport Office Counters under the Premium (four hours) and Fast Track (one week) services will change.

The main changes are:

  • Applications for children requiring to renew their passport will no longer be eligible for the four hour Premium service. The Fast track passport one week service will still be available at an additional cost.
  • First time applicants claiming British nationality through exercising EU Treaty Rights will not be acceptable for any Counter service
  • Applicants wishing to amend their passport due to change of name through marriage or civil partnership will be permitted to apply for the Premium passport service or Passport Fast Track. Any other type of amendment required would apply for Fast Track only
  • Stringent guidance will be applied to applicants applying for Counter services for replacement passports

Further information regarding passport applications, eligibility, fees and other related information is available at at www.Gov.uk.

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