29 Apr

Changes to Egypt visa fees

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism is increasing visa fees for Egypt as of 1st May 2014.

The following details on the increases have been confirmed to ABTA today, by the Egyptian National Tourist Office.

Tourist visa

It will be possible to apply for this prior to travelling, from the Egyptian Consulate. It takes three days to obtain and cost £15GBP for single entrance and £25GBP for multi-entrance. Visas can also be obtained upon arrival from Egyptian airports (from 1 May 2014 onwards) and will cost $25USD for a single entrance visa. It will not be possible to obtain a multi entrance visa upon arrival.

For customers travelling to Sharm el Sheikh, there will be no requirement to obtain a visa if you are planning to stay in Sharm El Sheikh for up to 14 days. If tourists are planning to stay more than 14 days in Sharm El Sheikh or to travel outside of the Sinai, they will need to pay for the visa upon arrival at the airport.

Business visa

Business visas need to be obtained from the Egyptian Consulate before travelling and will take three days to obtain and cost £65GBP for single entrance and £105GBP for multi entrance visas.

All holidaymakers should contact their travel company for further information.