04 Mar

Change of name to key ABTA department

ABTA’s Destination Strategy & Services Department has changed its name to Destinations & Sustainability to reflect the work that the department does and the importance of sustainability to the travel industry today.

Headed up by Nikki White, the department looks after the FTO (Federation of Tour Operators) sub and expert groups and handles destination services, crisis management, sustainability, and health and safety across all of ABTA’s membership.

Nikki White, ABTA Head of Destinations & Sustainability said: “Sustainability is fundamental to our industry’s future, and our work in this area is at the heart of what we all do at ABTA. Our department is driving through the next stages of Tourism 2023, manages the Travelife Sustainability System - and the Sustainable Tourism Committee, (formerly known as the Responsible Tourism Committee) is reviewing how ABTA companies can meaningfully measure sustainability and their improvements in this field.”