13 Apr

Can your business cater for the growing ‘purple pound?’

There are more than 11 million people living with disabilities in the UK and the spending power of their households - 'the purple pound' - is almost £250 billion.

Accessible holidays are a growing sector of the travel market, particularly due to an ageing population with increasing accessibility needs. Whole families will benefit from more accessible holiday and are more likely to travel if they’re confident their needs can be met.

As tour operators and travel agents, you should ensure you are meeting your legal requirements as well as positioning your business to tap into this substantial customer base.

Key steps to take include:

  1. Finding out and acting upon the needs of your customers.
  2. Properly training and empowering staff.
  3. Reviewing your policies, procedures and practices to ensure you meet the needs of customers with disabilities, learning and acting upon customer feedback.
  4. Having an effective system for receiving pre-notifications from customers and for passing them on to the relevant suppliers.

To ensure your business is meeting its legal requirements and to learn how to cater effectively to this important market, register below for our first Accessible Travel Seminar on 27 April in London at the America Square Conference Centre.

For more information and to register visit abta.com.