02 Sep

Call for evidence on impact of the pandemic

This summer has been a missed opportunity to kickstart the industry’s recovery. While international travel is technically open, it is still heavily restricted by Government policy. Testing and quarantine requirements remain a huge barrier to taking a foreign trip and these requirements are out of step with our EU neighbours.
We continue to put pressure on the Government to make foreign travel more accessible and to support travel businesses, particularly as we enter a critical period for the industry, with some key milestones in the coming weeks and months – including the Government’s strategic review on travel requirements (due 1 October), the end of furlough and the Autumn Statement.
To help support this activity, we are conducting a Member survey to gather evidence on the impact the overly-cautious travel requirements have had on the industry. The survey has been sent to our primary Head Office contacts within each Member organisation and the deadline for responses is Friday 10 September.
The evidence will inform and support the next phase of our lobbying activity, including engagement with MPs ahead of the recess for party conference season and also enable us to share data with Government ahead of the 1 October review. All responses will be fully aggregated and anonymised; no identifying information will be shared by ABTA with the Government or any other organisation.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive