01 Apr

Booking through an ABTA Member never more important

ABTA’s latest research, published this week, finds a significantly larger number of people looking to travel professionals and package holidays for their future holiday plans. The uncertainty created by the pandemic has meant people want the security that a package provides – to be looked after if something goes wrong and the assurance that they won’t lose out should there be a problem at their destination or should their travel company go out of business. This is why more people expect to book their next holiday with a travel professional. 
On Bank Holiday Monday we expect a statement from the Prime Minister indicating when travel can resume. We know we have difficult months ahead and businesses will continue to feel the pain and pressure of the pandemic, but as restrictions lift and people can travel again, booking through a travel company, particularly an ABTA Member will never be more important for consumers – with the ABTA badge continuing to be symbol of trust and confidence. Continuing to demonstrate the value of booking with an ABTA Member and the benefits of package holidays, will be features of our communications.
Global Travel Taskforce
ABTA has been engaging with the Global Travel Taskforce as well as working with the Save Future Travel Coalition to put forward a strong, united voice on behalf of the organised travel sector. 
Thank you to those of you who provided insight and input to inform ABTA’s taskforce work, and for responding quickly to our two surveys last week, on the potential future impact on travel businesses if international travel is delayed, and the impact on bookings when Ministers make media comments about not booking holidays. ABTA is using this insight to stress to Government the unique situation our sector is in.
New Board members
I’d also like to offer a warm welcome to Ruth Marshall, Garry Wilson and Andrew Flintham who have joined the ABTA Board. I, and all of us at ABTA, look forward to working with them.
I wish you all a peaceful holiday weekend.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive