12 Apr

Aviation strategy update

Over the weekend, the Government published its response to the Aviation Strategy Call for Evidence launched in the last quarter of 2017. Following responses to the Call for Evidence, the Government adjusted the Strategy process: rather than publish a series of consultations, the Department for Transport (DfT) will now publish a Green Paper giving more detail on the new measures outlined in this Government response in the autumn. The focus remains on improving the flying experience of the consumer.

This Green Paper will be consulted on publicly, before a final Strategy is published in early 2019.

Ahead of the Green Paper being published, the Government will commence a period of engagement and policy development to inform the Aviation Strategy Green Paper.

There are a number of areas identified in the Government’s response – particularly the objectives to help the aviation industry work for its customers, and to build a global and connected Britain – where ABTA will seek to engage and ensure the voice of the industry and consumer is heard. We will be consulting Members shortly to ensure their views are fully fed into the consultation and engagement processes.