26 Apr

Airline insolvency – give us your views

The Airline Insolvency Review was set up by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling in the wake of the failure of Monarch last autumn. This call for evidence is the first step to informing the Review process. 

ABTA has released a discussion paper for Members to provide feedback and comments on. Member views will help inform our response to this consultation. With the Review team aiming to publish an interim report by late July, ABTA is using the opportunity of this scoping consultation to gather views across the membership on airline insolvency and flight-based consumer protection in the travel industry. The Review will be publishing a final report by the end of the year. 

ABTA will work constructively with the Review team during the months ahead, as we seek to influence the Review with the aims of enhancing consumer clarity, and providing businesses with a more level playing field. We aim to ensure Members’ views are fully fed in to this process over the coming months. 

Members are encouraged to submit views to air@abta.co.uk by close of business, no later than Thursday 10 May.

Download ABTA's discussion paper

Airline Insolvency Review: A call for evidence