01 May

Accessible Travel: The importance of your website

Having some form of disability is very common with around one in five of the UK population said to be affected. Ensuring that this incredibly important market have proper access to travel makes sound business sense, and crucially it is also a legal requirement. In January we issued updated guidance and an important part of the guidance is designed to ensure that your website will meet legal regulations and to ensure a good, informative user experience for consumers with disabilities. The law requires that when passengers with accessibility needs are booking flights online, they can easily request assistance for their journey. ABTA advises that it should be clear to consumers how they go about this, within one click from the website’s homepage. It’s also a legal requirement that websites selling flights must make available the relevant safety information the airline applies to carrying disabled passengers.

We know that Members have already done a great deal of work in this area but it is essential that companies get this right, as if you don’t, there are potential penalties. Websites are a vital channel to customers – and with an ageing population who are also increasingly tech savvy, and significant numbers of consumers travelling with a range of accessibility needs – building clear, up to date and user friendly websites is in everyone’s interest. ABTA has put together comprehensive guidance and I would strongly recommend that you use this guidance both to assist your disabled customers but also stay on the right side of the law.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive

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