20 Oct

ABTA's Annual Code of Conduct and ADR Report

The ABTA Code of Conduct has been developed over the years to provide guidance to Members in their day to day dealings with customers, helping them deliver higher standards and building confidence in travel. The Code is one of the key differentiators between Members and their competitors, providing real substance to the reassurance brought by the ABTA logo. Whilst there can be sanctions for non-compliance, the primary purpose of the Code is to help Members improve their working practices for the benefit of their customers and their business. Over the past year 553 cases were reviewed by us under the Code with the majority then being resolved via interaction between the Member and the ABTA Legal Department, 42 apparent breaches were then referred to the Code of Conduct Committee. In addition to the Code process, ABTA was contacted by 12,962 consumers with the vast majority of complaints or enquiries resolved through ABTA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme which encourages and facilitates communication between the customer and the Member. 431 of those cases eventually went through the ABTA Arbitration process. The ADR scheme offers a fast, convenient and good value alternative to the court for both Members and their customers. If you would like more information on the Code of Conduct and ADR procedures, the full Code of Conduct and ADR Annual Report can be found below. 

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive

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