03 Nov

ABTA Welcomes Ten New Members in September and October

ABTA welcomed ten new Members into the Association in September and October, two trading as retailers, six as principals and two in both classes of membership. 

• Claridon Travel & Events Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers L8465 and Y3124, Joined 6/9/11
• Travelpaths Ltd, Retailer, ABTA number L9326, Joined 13/9/11
• Holidays By Rail Ltd, Retailer, ABTA number L9330, Joined 16/9/11
• Nortlander Ski Tours Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y3637, Joined 26/9/11
• Peregrine Tours Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers L9383 and Y3641, Joined 3/10/11
• Sunsail Worldwide Sailing Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y4343, Joined 07/10/11
• RCL (UK) Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y4362, Joined 07/10/11
• Celebrity Cruises Inc, Principal, ABTA number Y4358, Joined 07/10/11
• Glacius Travel Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y4377, Joined 10/10/11
• Travel Experts Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y4428, Joined 27/10/11

Tracey Lloyd, Senior Membership Manager said: “I am delighted to welcome our new Members to ABTA and we look forward to working with them and helping them develop successful and prosperous businesses.”