03 Dec

ABTA welcomes the Daylight Saving Bill vote today

ABTA welcomes today’s encouraging ‘Daylight Saving Bill’ vote in the House of Commons.

The Daylight Saving Bill brought to by Rebecca Harris MP (Con, Castle Point), the Bill passed its second reading in the House of Commons today it will now go to a committee in the Commons for further scrutiny.

If this Bill becomes law, it will result in the government conducting a full analysis of the potential benefit to the tourism sector, the wider economy, and the health of the nation of switching the clocks forward by one hour to bring us in line with Western European time. A three year trial is expected if the initiative proves to be beneficial to the entire country.

Luke Pollard, head of public affairs said: “Today’s vote is great news for the industry. There is little doubt in our minds that bringing the clocks forward will positively support the economy, job creation and the environment. If the Bill becomes law an additional £3.5bn could be spent in the UK on tourism expanding both the inbound and domestic sectors.” 

“ABTA will continue to lobby in support of this Bill in the coming months and will be encouraging businesses and organisations who would benefit from it being lighter later to have their voice heard by MPs.” 

See www.lighterlater.org for further information on the campaign.