23 May

ABTA welcomes 22 new Members from January to May 2013

ABTA welcomed the following 22 new Members into the Association from January to May 2013, 2 trading as a retailer, 20 as principals and 3 in both classes of membership. Over this period existing ABTA Members also registered a further 70 new branch offices with the Association.

  • Mickledore Travel Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y5967, joined 3/1/13
  • Venue Holidays Ltd, Principal, ABTA number, Y5952, joined 3/1/13
  • Cedarberg Travel Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6051, joined 3/1/13
  • Martin Randall Travel Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y6050, joined 3/1/13
  • Med Sailors Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0005, joined 15/01/13
  • Roads Less Travelled  Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y001X, joined 15/01/13
  • LeisureFare Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA number P6166/Y0043, joined 16/01/13
  • Essential Escapes Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0062, joined 17/01/13
  • Airliner Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0058, joined 17/01/13
  • Cavendish House Enterprises Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA number 23229/Y0395, joined 01/02/13
  • Speed Chills Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0109, joined 15/02/13
  • Airflights Direct Ltd, Retailer, ABTA number E7864, joined 15/02/13
  • HHN Media Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0096, joined 15/02/13
  • Agni Travel Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0132, joined 27/02/13
  • Grandstand Motor Sport Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0147, joined 01/03/13
  • Compass Tours, Principal,  ABTA number Y0113, 04/03/13
  • Pure Zanzibar Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0151, joined 05/03/13
  • Cruiseco Ltd,  Dual Member, ABTA number P6490/Y0170, joined  27/03/13
  • Chameleon Worldwide Travel Ltd, Principal,  ABTA number Y0185, joined 31/03/13
  • Spanish Star School SL, Principal, ABTA numberY019X, joined 29/4/13
  • Ocky White Travel Ltd, Retailer, ABTA number 46305, joined 15/5/13
  • Students on Broadway, Principal, ABTA number Y6056, joined 22/5/13