09 Oct

ABTA welcomes 18 new Members from July to September 2014

ABTA welcomed 18 new Members into the Association from July to September 2014, four trading as retailers, nine as principals and five as a dual.

The following companies became ABTA Members between the start of July to the end of September 2014:

  • Fresh Tracks Canada Inc, ABTA number Y6176, Principal, joined 01/07/14
  • Simply Travel Direct LTD, ABTA number A4888, Retail, joined 01/07/14
  • Córas Iompair Éireann, ABTA number Y6179, Principal, joined 02/07/14
  • Safe Ventures Ltd, ABTA number P6731, Retail, joined 04/07/14
  • Transive Ltd, ABTA number Y6181, Principal, joined 08/07/14
  • Back Roads Touring Co Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6180 & P6732, Dual, joined 08/07/14
  • Crown Travel (Liverpool) Ltd, ABTA number P6747, Retail, joined 21/07/14
  • Nelson London Ventures Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6182 & P6749, Dual, joined 24/07/14
  • The Holiday Travel Club Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6183 & P6750, Dual, joined 01/08/14
  • Marmot Tours Ltd, ABTA number Y6184, Principal, joined 14/08/14
  • SunVelo Ltd, ABTA number Y6185, Principal, joined 15/08/14
  • Travel Interaction Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6186 & P6758, Dual, joined 01/09/14
  • Action Outdoors Holiday Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6190 & P6759, Dual, joined 04/09/14
  • Leisuretime Retail Ltd, ABTA number P6774, Retail, joined 11/09/14
  • Boxwood Tours Ltd, ABTA number Y6191, Principal, joined 15/09/14
  • Sundio Group International GmBH, ABTA number Y34971, Principal, joined 18/09/14
  • Discover Adventure Ltd, ABTA number Y6195, Principal, joined 30/09/14
  • RED Tours Ltd, ABTA number Y6194, Principal, joined 30/09/14

Mark Tanzer, ABTA Chief Executive, commented: “We are very pleased to welcome these 18 new Members into ABTA and look forward to working with them. Our new Members are encouraged to make the most of their Membership and to take advantage of all of the support and assistance that ABTA offers them.”

Jacqueline Butt, Finance Director, Discover Adventure Ltd said:  “Discover Adventure Ltd is a market leader in providing high quality trekking and cycling challenges for charities, groups, schools and corporate companies. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in expertise, safety and quality and are delighted to announce our membership of ABTA. ”