19 Jun

ABTA welcomes 15 new Members from April-June 2014

Brings total new Members for 2013-14 to 66

ABTA welcomed 15 new Members into the Association from April-June 2014, two trading as retailers, and nine as principals and four as a dual. 

They joined 51 other new Members who have come into ABTA membership since the start of July 2013, bringing the total new ABTA Members to 66 for the year, 2013-2014.

The following companies became ABTA Members from the start of April to end of June 2014:

  • Fleewinter Ltd, ABTA number Y6156, principal, joined 01/04/14
  • Select Resorts Ltd, ABTA number Y6157, principal, joined 03/04/14
  • Holiday Routes Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6158 and P6696, dual, joined 04/04/14
  • Easytravel (Malvern) Ltd,  ABTA numbers W2204 and 26458, dual, joined 10/04/14
  • The Aspiration Group Travel Ltd, ABTA number Y6160, principal, joined 15/04/14
  • Emperor Tours Ltd, ABTA number Y6161, principal, joined 17/04/14
  • Croatia Travel Ltd, ABTA number Y6163, principal, joined 23/04/14
  • Menorca Private Owners Ltd, ABTA number P6701, retail, joined 30/04/14
  • GBT Travel Services UK Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6164 and P6702, dual, joined 01/05/14
  • The Train Chartering Company Ltd, ABTA numbers Y6165 and P6704, dual, joined 02/05/14
  • Atlas Travel and Technology Ltd, ABTA number P6706, retail, joined 13/05/14
  • Skanda Holidays (UK) Ltd, ABTA number Y6166, principal, joined 13/05/14
  • Safarihub Europe Ltd, ABTA number Y6170, principal, joined 23/05/14
  • Pomegranate Travel Ltd, ABTA number Y6171, principal, joined 02/06/14
  • Partner Schools Worldwide Ltd, ABTA number Y6173, principal, joined 10/06/14

Mark Tanzer, ABTA Chief Executive, commented: “I am delighted to welcome these 15 new Members to ABTA and hope that they make use of the full range of services and assistance available to them now they have joined the association. We look forward to working with all of our new Members and helping them develop successful and thriving businesses.”