04 Apr

ABTA welcomes 14 new Members and four new Partners between January and March 2019

From January to March, 14 new Members and four new Partners joined ABTA, with four dual Member, four retail Members and six trading solely as a Principal. 

The following companies became ABTA Members between 1 January and 31 March 2019. These are a diverse range of new Members offering, bespoke family holidays, luxury trips, package holidays, coach tours, villa accommodation, business travel and music festivals. 

  • Big Wide World Travel Ltd, Principal Member, ABTA number Y6586, joined 17/1/19
  • Escape2Poland Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers Y6587 and P7370, joined 18/1/19
  • Travelbeam Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers, Y0215 and G246X, joined 29/1/19
  • Virgin Cruises Intermediate Ltd, Principal Member, ABTA number Y6588, joined 4/2/19
  • PH Travel Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers Y6589 and P7371, joined 6/2/19
  • Travel Hub Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers Y6590 and P7373, joined 12/2/19
  • Booking Solutions Ltd, Retail Member, ABTA number 78490, joined 19/2/19
  • Best of Travel Ltd, Principal Member, ABTA number Y6592, joined 19/2/19
  • Expat Explore Ltd, Principal Member, ABTA number Y6593, joined 25/2/19
  • Haven on Earth Ltd, Principal Member, ABTA number Y6597, joined 21/3/19
  • Inteletravel UK Ltd, Retail Member, ABTA number P7384, joined 20/3/19
  • A&G Corporate Travel Ltd, Retail Member, ABTA number P7385, joined 26/3/19
  • Classic Package Holidays Ltd, Retail Member, ABTA number P7382, joined 26/3/19
  • Argon Events, Principal Member, ABTA number Y6600, joined 28/3/19

In the same period, ABTA also welcomed four new Partners and continues to widen the range of services and expertise available to ABTA Members through the Partner scheme. The new Partners include a tourist board and providers of various financial services. The new Partners are:

  • Polish Tourism Organisation, Partner number TIP705, joined 14/01/19
  • Worldpay, Partner number TIP708, joined 19/2/19
  • Euler Hermes, Partner number TIP707, joined  19/2/19
  • Ixaris, Partner number TIP706, joined 19/2/19

ABTA’s Membership remains stable at around 1,200 Members. 

Mark Tanzer, ABTA’s Chief Executive said: 

“I am very pleased to welcome the 18 new ABTA Members and Partners who have recently joined the Association in the first three months of 2019. They are a particularly varied group and are a great representation of the incredibly wide range of holidays and other services provided by ABTA Members. They will now have access to the full range of ABTA services, including free legal advice, 24/7 operational bulletins and assistance in a crisis. They will also have access to ABTA’s expertise and insight on Brexit, including our contingency planning guidance and regularly updated, comprehensive information for customers.”

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Notes to editors
ABTA has been a trusted travel brand for over 65 years. Our purpose is to help our Members to grow their businesses successfully and sustainably, and to help their customers travel with confidence. 
The ABTA brand stands for support, protection and expertise. This means consumers have confidence in ABTA and a strong trust in ABTA Members. These qualities are core to us as they ensure that holidaymakers remain confident in the holiday products that they buy from our Members. 

We help our Members and their customers navigate through today's changing travel landscape by raising standards in the industry; offering schemes of financial protection; providing an independent complaints resolution service should something go wrong; giving guidance on issues from sustainability to health and safety and by presenting a united voice to government to ensure the industry and the public get a fair deal.

ABTA has around 1,200 Members, with a combined annual UK turnover of £38 billion. For more details about what we do, what being an ABTA Member means and how we help the British public travel with confidence visit www.abta.com.