05 Apr

ABTA welcomes 14 new Members and 11 new Partners between January and March 2018

From January to March, 14 new Members and 11 new Partners joined ABTA, with two dual Members, four retail Members and eight trading as a Principal.

The following companies became ABTA Members between 1 January and 31 March 2018. These are a diverse range of new Members offering travel experiences that range from adventure, cycling, group and rail travel:

  • Lost Earth Adventures Ltd, ABTA Number Y6492, Principal Member, joined 03/01/2018
  • Baba Holidays Ltd, ABTA Number Y6497, Principal Member, joined 15/01/2018
  • Sportive Breaks Ltd, ABTA Number Y6498, Principal Member, joined 15/01/2018
  • The Knavesmire Travel Group Ltd, ABTA Number W156X, Principal Member, joined 19/01/2018
  • Travel Stop Ltd, ABTA Number G3871, Retail Member, joined 31/01/2018
  • Funktion Leisure Ltd, ABTA Number Y6501, Principal Member, joined 01/02/2018
  • Fairway International Travel Ltd, ABTA Number P7249, Retail Member, joined 05/02/2018
  • www.cruise.co.uk Transport Ltd, ABTA Number Y6502, Principal Member, joined 09/02/2018
  • Premier Travel (N.I.) Ltd, ABTA Number P7252 Retail Member, joined 13/02/2018
  • Melon Kugar Ltd, ABTA Number Y6503, Principal Member, joined 15/02/2018
  • ITL World Travel Management Company Ltd, ABTA Number P7254, Retail Member, joined 20/02/2018
  • Eurostar Holidays Ltd, ABTA Numbers Y6504, P7255, Dual Member, joined 02/03/2018
  • TruTravels Ltd, ABTA Number Y6506, Principal Member, joined 12/03/2018
  • Holiday Luxury Ltd, ABTA Numbers Y6508, P7273 Dual Member, joined 28/03/2018

In the same period, ABTA also welcomed 11 new Partners and continues to widen the range of services and expertise available to ABTA Members through the Partner scheme. So far this year, ABTA has welcomed Partners from tourist boards to technology companies. The full list of new Partners includes:

  • Austrian National Tourist Office, ABTA Number TIP676, joined 03/01/2018
  • Trustpay Global Ltd, ABTA Number TIP677, joined 03/01/2018
  • Los Cabos Tourism Board, ABTA Number TIP678, joined 08/01/2018
  • Journeyman Services Ltd, ABTA Number TIP679, joined 11/01/2018
  • Trustly UK Ltd, ABTA Number TIP680, joined 17/01/2018
  • Unify Communications Ltd, ABTA Number TIP681, joined 06/03/2018
  • DriveAway, ABTA Number TIP682, joined 06/03/2018
  • Waterfront Publishing Ltd, ABTA Number TIP683, joined 07/03/2018
  • NetHost Legislation Ltd, ABTA Number TIP684, joined 15/03/2018
  • BOARD M.I.T. Ltd, ABTA Number TIP685, joined 17/03/2018
  • Associated Foreign Exchange Ltd, ABTA Number TIP686, joined 21/03/2018

Mark Tanzer, ABTA’s Chief Executive said:

“We’re pleased to welcome a diverse range of new Members and Partners to ABTA so far this year and we look forward to working with them and supporting their businesses and customers. This year is a big year of change for the industry, and we are working closely with Members and Partners to provide them with the necessary guidance and expertise, as well as being the voice for the industry on these important matters.”

Trustpay Global's Chief Relationship Officer, Jeff Woolgar said:

"Trustpay Global is delighted to have joined ABTA as a Partner. Becoming an ABTA Partner provides lots of benefits such as up to date industry knowledge and the opportunity to develop secure and trusted relationships with valued ABTA Members."