07 Jun

ABTA welcomes 10 new Members from March to May

ABTA welcomed the following 10 new Members into the Association from March to May 2012, one trading as a retailer, three as principals and six in both classes of membership.

  • Oceania Cruises Inc, Principal, ABTA number Y495X, joined 20/3/12
  • Ski and Sport Ltd, Principal, ABTA number, Y4964, joined 29/3/12
  • Simply Chateau Ltd, Retailer, ABTA number P1463, joined 2/4/12
  • School Trips Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y4983, joined 2/4/12
  • Cardamom Holidays Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y4979, joined 2/4/12
  • Bilyana Golf [UK] Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers P1586 and Y5007, joined 10/4/12
  • World Odyssey Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers K8529 and Y5011, joined 11/4/12
  • S.L Oceanview Services Ltd, Principal, ABTA number Y5026, joined 23/4/12
  • Peacock Travel and Tours UK Ltd, Dual Member, ABTA numbers P4781 and Y5153, joined 4/5/12
  • Imagination Marketing Systems Ltd, Principal, ABTA Number Y5172, joined 21/5/12