06 Jul

ABTA submits complaint against Irish Government

ABTA has submitted a complaint against the Irish Government to Solvit*, the Government Department which seeks to resolve possible breaches of Internal Market rules within the European Union. ABTA’s action follows a requirement by the Irish Republic that UK travel agents and tour operators selling to UK citizens who are departing from the Republic should be bonded in the Republic, even though they are already fully compliant in the UK with the package travel regulations and ATOL requirements. This results in duplication of financial protection, unnecessary extra costs and additional bureaucracy.

Simon Bunce ABTA Head of Legal Services said “This requirement from the Irish Authorities duplicates protection already provided by our members. We are trying wherever we can to lessen the bureaucratic burden on members and we hope that Solvit will take a favourable view of our complaint and help us to amicably resolve this issue with the Irish authorities”

It is fairly common for UK tour operators and travel agents when selling product to customers from Northern Ireland to use airports in the Republic.

* The Action Single Market/UK SOLVIT centre [ASM] exists to improve the advice and help given to businesses and citizens experiencing problems exercising their Single Market rights.