17 Jan

ABTA statement on Theresa May's speech

The EU is the main market for UK travel companies and in its negotiations the Government must make it possible for travel businesses to continue to operate in the EU. People want to continue to easily holiday and conduct business meetings in the EU. Amongst other things this means access to the liberalised aviation market in Europe, ensuring the public can still have visa-free travel and ensuring that travel businesses can access and place the staff they need to run effective businesses across the EU. ABTA will continue to work proactively with the Government to raise awareness of the priorities for travel businesses, and UK travellers, as they negotiate a future trading relationship. At the same time, we shall continue to press for government action to remove barriers to trade, such as ensuring we have sufficient airport capacity and reducing Air Passenger Duty to make sure the UK is in the strongest possible position post-Brexit.

Alan Wardle, Director of Public Affairs, ABTA