09 Jul

ABTA statement on airport security measures

Due to new security requirements introduced on 2 July 2014, ABTA recommends that customers ensure all electronic devices taken on board a flight in hand luggage, are fully charged before departing from home and on their return journey.

The Department for Transport has advised that these additional security measures will affect ‘some routes into and out of the UK’, they have not specified which routes, so customers on all international flights should be prepared.

If you are unable to demonstrate that your phone or other electronic device can be switched on, you risk having to leave the device at the airport, which may also result in you missing your flight.

Many airports now have charging facilities at the airport but demand for these will be intense particularly at this time of the year. Customers are also advised to switch on their electronic devices before they reach the security check areas to cut down on potential delays.

In addition, we advise that passengers buying electronic goods at the airport ask the retail staff in the shop for the airport's policy on whether their goods may be taken on board their flight uncharged.