05 Mar

ABTA responds to sentencing of Leon Roberts and Jade Muzoka

ABTA - the Travel Association responds to the sentencing of Leon Roberts and Jade Muzoka at Derbyshire County Court today for fraudulent holiday sickness claim.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA said:

“Today’s sentencing sends out the clearest possible message that the courts take a very dim view of anyone submitting a fraudulent holiday sickness claim. There has been a huge rise in these types of fraudulent claims, which are costing hotels and travel companies tens of millions of pounds. Anyone tempted to submit such a claim must now realise that they run the risk of a criminal record and prison sentence.

“Action does need to be taken to put an end to false claims being made in the first place. The government must make good on its promise to bring overseas personal injury and sickness claims into the fixed legal cost regime - which will cap the exorbitant fees many solicitors are charging on the back of false sickness claims - in time for this year’s holiday season.”