11 Nov

ABTA responds to latest Airports Commission Consultation

ABTA welcomes the publication of the Airports Commission consultation. We believe that in order to maintain and improve UK growth and competitiveness, additional UK airport capacity should be prioritised without delay. The public are increasingly savvy to the need for more capacity and this consultation is a valuable opportunity for consumers and industry to give feedback. ABTA will be taking the opportunity to press hard on the wide-ranging benefits of increased capacity, as well as emphasising how good surface access and strong focus on passenger experience will be critical to the success of any given option or options. Above all else at this stage, we join our colleagues across the industry in calling for urgent action in the next Parliament once the commission reports next summer.

For information 

In a survey of consumers in July 2014 ABTA found that support for additional capacity is increasing see our press release for more details.

Details of the consultation are available on the gov.uk website.