21 Sep

ABTA responds to Government’s Energy Relief Scheme

ABTA has said the Government’s Energy Relief Scheme will help to take the pressure off businesses dealing with rising energy bills but urged the Chancellor to provide further support through Friday’s mini-Budget.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA – The Travel Association said:
“The support laid out by Government today will help to take the pressure off travel businesses dealing with rising energy bills, and it is good to see that this help will be in place for all businesses for a six-month period.

“When carrying out its three-month review, Government must take into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic when considering sectors for further support, and that businesses have been dealing with rising costs for many months now. 

“Travel only re-opened in March 2022, so the sector’s recovery is furthest behind any other industry. Many businesses took on debt to get through the pandemic, which is now falling due for repayment. These are Government-backed loans, so it is in the Government’s – and ultimately the taxpayer’s - interest to ensure travel businesses are helped and eligible for the full support.

“The Chancellor has the opportunity to use Friday’s mini-Budget to provide further support, for example by extending business rates support beyond the end of the current financial year and working with the British Business Bank to give businesses more headroom with the repayment of loans taken on during the COVID-19 crisis.

“ABTA will be working to represent the needs of the sector to Government over the coming months and in the run up to the three-month review.”