20 Aug

ABTA offers exclusive insurance service to ABTA Retailers

ABTA and Arnold Fisher Insurance Services have teamed up to offer exclusively to ABTA retail Members significant savings under the ABTA Agents’ Combined Office Policy which incorporates all of an agents insurance needs, including building and office contents, but also, professional indemnity, employer’s, director’s and officer’s liability, business interruption and much more.

ABTA Members are required by the Package Travel Regulations to have product liability cover where they act as principal, and the ABTA Agents' Combined Office policy avoids the need to take out a separate insurance for ABTA Members conducting some principal business. The combined policy can cover up to 25% of the members’ turnover acting as a principal.

Michael Threlfall ABTA Marketing Manager said: “The ABTA Agents’ Combined Office Policy provides a policy to cover all of an ABTA Retailers building and office content as well as professional indemnity requirements. By including liability cover for up to a quarter of a Member's principal turnover, the policy is especially attractive for ABTA dual members and small ATOL holders”