13 Feb

ABTA in the News – January 2014

During January ABTA commented on a range of topics in the media to promote and protect the industry. We saw significant coverage on the issue of school holiday pricing and ABTA was consistent in  explaining the economics of supply and demand, as well as highlighting the potential solution of staggering school holidays to relieve pressure on prices. ABTA also raised the awareness of the new E-visa requirement for Turkey, issued advise to consumers on their rights if travel plans were disrupted due to the severe weather in the USA,  and we also commented on St Lucia -  reminding consumers of its good safety record despite coverage of an incident there.

ABTA’s press office was also busy working on our Early Bird campaign, promoting the benefits of booking early and booking with our Members – generating excellent media coverage and social media presence through #ABTAEarlybird. In total ABTA received 286 print, broadcast and online mentions during the month and was featured on a range of broadcast media including BBC Breakfast, BBC News x2, Sky News x3, Sky News Jeff Randall live, BBC World Global, BBC TV Look East x2, BBC TV South West, BBC TV South East, BBC TV Bristol, BBC Radio 4 You and Yours, Radio 5 live x2, LBC.