18 Nov

ABTA Issues Update for Members on DfT’s ATOL Reform Proposals

ABTA today published updated guidelines and FAQs for Members on the Government’s proposed reform of the ATOL scheme of financial protection.  The documents provide updated information following the publication of the CAA Information Paper on the 14 November 2011.

The guidelines and FAQs are intended to provide additional clarity about what is being proposed under the reforms, what this may mean for travel businesses and what ABTA’s position is on the key points.  ABTA is continuing to consult with Members on what implications the proposals outlined in the Information Paper will have and will submit a formal response to the CAA’s informal consultation by 14 December.

“There is still time to shape the reforms and ensure that key issues are addressed, such as holiday sales by airlines coming within the ATOL scheme of financial protection,” commented Mark Tanzer, CEO, ABTA. “We are in close negotiations with the DfT and CAA, on behalf of Members, with the aim of ensuring that the reforms deliver the changes we need to give customers clarity and are workable and fair for UK travel businesses.”

The DfT will publish its full formal response to the consultation towards the end of this year or early in 2012, following this, there will be a six-week, formal consultation on the full Standard Terms. This will outline how the CAA intends to enact all of the proposed reforms.

The documents are available on www.abta.com/about/lobbying_and_government_affairs/atol_reform

Members are invited to submit their feedback to consultations@abta.co.uk