14 Jul

ABTA issues health and safety advice

As millions of British travellers head overseas or to the coast over the next six weeks, ABTA is urging holidaymakers not to forget some basic health and safety points with a new leaflet – How to Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday.

The leaflet gives clear advice on five key areas: Accommodation, Fire Safety, Swimming Pools, Personal Safety, Out and About and Food and Drink.

ABTA urges travellers to be particularly careful in supervising children in and around swimming pools, and to be aware that the highest levels of incidents occur in spending too much time unprotected in the sun and road traffic accidents.

With over 45 million holidays taken overseas and millions more in the UK, it’s essential that consumers have access to this useful guide that can help stop the most enjoyable time of the year becoming a nightmare.

Much of the advice is good common sense but other areas covered would not automatically spring to mind, especially when your natural inclination on holiday is to relax, unwind and let your guard down.  Ask your local travel agent for a copy of the leaflet or download it.

Angie Hills ABTA Head of Health and Safety said:  “Going on holiday is meant to be the most enjoyable time of year. Our How to Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday leaflet is intended to help our customers avoid the kind of problems that can ruin a holiday. We would advise everyone to pick up a copy from our members when booking.”

Jess Prasad, Head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Know Before You Go Campaign, which helps Brits to stay safe and healthy abroad said: “The vast majority of people have trouble-free holidays when they go away, but sadly, if things do go wrong, they are often preventable. This useful guide goes through some basic points to think about when you are way so that you can minimise the risks.”  

Further useful links for preparing for your holiday include the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Know Before You Go website, www.fco.gov.uk, the travel health information website: www.nathnac.org, passport information www.ips.gov.uk.

About Know Before You Go

The FCO’s Know Before You Go campaign encourages British nationals to prepare for their foreign travel so they can avoid preventable problems.  The campaign targets a number of audiences, from gap year students to package holidaymakers; sports fans to older travellers and people visiting friends and family abroad.  The campaign works with nearly 300 travel industry partners to communicate its messages.  For more information please visit www.fco.gov.uk/travel