03 Jun

ABTA Identifies Red Tape for the Chop

The ABTA Red Tape Task Force has identified the first five pieces of red tape regulation for the chop following consultation with its Members. The task force chaired by ABTA Director and Barclays’ policy chief, Christine Farnish was set up in May to review the sector’s heavy burden of red tape and make proposals for cutting regulation.

The five unnecessary or badly drafted bits of bureaucracy include redundant signs, excessive collection of customer information, inconsistent fire regulations, irrelevant energy performance certificates and excessive charges for alcohol licences. ABTA has posted its recommendations on the Government website set up for industry to highlight its red tape recommendations.

Luke Pollard, ABTA’s Head of Public Affairs said “These five recommendations are just a taste of the full report we will be submitting to the Government in July. We have already received and acted on suggestions from ABTA members, but continued industry feedback is essential and will help us immensely when drafting our full report. This Government is sincere in its desire to lessen the red tape burden and we must not waste this opportunity.”

Stephen D'Alfonso, Research and Public Affairs Manager at ABTA said: "We've already had lots of ideas from agents and operators across the country. We're looking into every idea we get sent so if you know of regulations that are getting in the way of running business successfully we want to hear from you."

The five initial red tape regulations identified by the task force are,

1. Smoke-free [Signs] Regulations 2007
2. Energy Performance of Buildings
3. Immigration [Hotel Records] Order 1972
4. Licensing Act 2003
5. Regulatory Reform [Fire Safety] Order 2005

Full details of the task force’s concerns can be viewed at www.abta.com. To view the submission, visit http://www.redtapechallenge.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/hotels-and-holidays/