14 Jun

ABTA hosts Aviation Forum

ABTA’s second Aviation Forum took place on Monday 11 June. The event was a great success, providing Members with excellent access to key decision-makers from the Civil Aviation Authority, Department for Transport, IATA and more.

Eirik Pitkethly, a lead official involved in the Airline Insolvency Review, provided detailed insight into the thinking process around how to manage airline insolvency in a post-Monarch environment, and amidst a changing aviation market, drawing on recent examples such as the failure of Air Berlin. Eirik’s presentation was followed by an engaging discussion with Members where he showed a clear understanding of the industry’s concerns. Pitkethly then took Members through the parameters of the review, and principles behind a future protection regime, followed by a probing Q&A session. The session outlined, in overview, the various models of insolvency regime that are under consideration, giving members plenty of opportunity to directly raise any issues. Finally, Eirik thanked ABTA for our submission to the Airline Insolvency Review and engagement with the Review team.

James Fremantle from the CAA advised Members of what they could do to make travelling more accessible for those with hidden and visible disabilities. Zohar Zik, from ABTA Partner law firm HFW, provided a thorough explanation of the legal implications and workings of Brexit and the Package Travel Regulations. The event was rounded off with a panel session where our Members were able to hear from Stephen Cummins, Head of Aviation Strategy at the Department for Transport, around the Aviation Strategy and Brexit. Stephen Cummins fielded many questions from Members and assured the room that the Government wants to stick to the task they set themselves at the conception of the new Aviation Strategy, for it to be ambitious, innovative and drive real growth for the industry.

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Our flagship policy event, Travel Matters, is being held on 27 June for a discussion of all the policy matters and issues facing the travel industry, with speakers such as the Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg and Richard Moriarty from the CAA. Register for the event here