24 Jul

ABTA highlights problems one year after the PRMs Regulations

ABTA has written to consumer travel editors highlighting the problems caused by Persons of Restricted Mobility not informing their travel agent or airline of their need for assistance at the airport in advance. Service providers ideally need advance notification more than 48 hours prior to departure. Failure to do so has led to delays and inconveniences with appropriate resources difficult to allocate at short notice.

The Persons with Restricted Mobility [PRM] Regulations which came into force on 26 July 2008, made it illegal for travel agents, tour operators and airlines to refuse a booking to a PRM and imposed obligations on airports to provide assistance to customers in transit.

ABTA is calling on its members to ask clients at the time of booking whether anyone in their party will require assistance at the airport so that service providers are forewarned in plenty of time.

Mark Tanzer ABTA Chief Executive said “PRMs requiring assistance at airports without warning has been one of the main problems encountered when implementing the new regulations. We all have a part to play in addressing the problem and I would urge ABTA Members to consider tactful ways they can raise the issue when accepting a booking”