05 Jun

ABTA comments on new local rules for holidaymakers in Magaluf

ABTA notes the announcement today by the Balearic authorities in Mallorca of new regulations designed to clamp down on antisocial behaviour in the resort of Magaluf.

Under the new rules which come into effect from 9th June, drinking in the street will be banned between 10pm and 8am, antisocial activities will be banned and subject to fines and the size of bar crawls will be controlled. ABTA also understands that the new regime will be introduced gradually, allowing bar owners and tour organisers sufficient time to adjust their business practices.

The resort of Magaluf is on the outskirts of the Mallorcan capital Palma and for many years has been popular with younger holidaymakers from all around Europe including the UK. Magaluf is also popular with families and in recent years has started to target more affluent holidaymakers.

The district of Calvia where Magaluf is situated has introduced new regulations after consultation with the Spanish and Balearic Governments and local businesses.

The main new regulations include the following:

  • A ban on alcohol consumption in the street between 10pm and 8am
  • A prohibition on shops selling alcoholic drinks between midnight and 8am
  • Making the practice or encouragement of antisocial activities such as balconing, urinating or being naked in the street a serious offence that can result in fines of between €750 and €3000
  • Improvements in public safety through  the police combining  with other security forces such as the Spanish Civil Guard and new operational and traffic units, and the additional presence of 36 police officers during high season
  • Increased surveillance with more CCTV cameras

Nikki White ABTA Head of Destinations and Sustainability said: “ABTA and our Members work closely with Destinations to understand the impacts of any new regulations. We will work with our Members to make sure that they and their customers are fully aware of the new regulations ahead of full enforcement coming in.  ABTA encourages holidaymakers to respect the local culture and communities of the host destinations that they are visiting."