27 Sep

ABTA advice on road safety on holiday

ABTA is advising customers to take sensible precautions when driving abroad and to make themselves aware of local driving laws. According to a report issued today by the Make Roads Safe campaign and the FIA Foundation, internationally 25,000 tourists from all countries are killed on the roads each year. The figure for UK tourists is much lower with only a very small proportion of the 60 million who travelled abroad in 2009 being caught up in fatal road accidents.

Nikki White ABTA Head of Destinations and Sustainability said: “Although statistically the chances of being caught in a road accident whilst on holiday abroad are small, accidents can and do occur. Many ABTA tour operators work closely with local companies providing transfers and car hire arrangements to operate appropriate safety standards and also with the Foreign Office to raise customer awareness on how to minimise potential risks as part of their “Know Before You Go” campaign. “Know Before You Go” gives comprehensive and detailed advice on how to make your experience of foreign roads as safe as possible.

However with 55% of UK holidaymakers travelling independently rather than with tour operators action clearly needs to be taken by individual governments where required and customers research relevant local rules of the road before travelling”.

ABTA and the Federation of Tour Operators have drawn up a Code of Practice for transport providers which its members have distributed to many of the suppliers they use. In addition general health and safety is a key priority for ABTA and its members who are currently working to encourage the European Commission to introduce a directive that would require consistent Health and Safety standards for accommodation providers throughout the European Union.