30 Apr

ABTA 2014 Annual General Meeting

ABTA Members voted to pass all resolutions at ABTA’s Annual General Meeting, held today at 30 Park Street.

The first resolution confirmed that Chantrey Vellacott have been reappointed as ABTA’s auditors.

The second Resolution allows any Director that is appointed to the Board, along with the Chairman who is elected, to serve three terms of two years rather than two terms only. The intention of this is to better retain the expertise that a Director will have built up over a number of years serving on the Board. Those Directors that are elected, rather than appointed, to the Board can serve for as many terms as they continue to be elected as is currently the case.

The third Resolution allows staff of Managed Branches to serve on the Council of Regions and the Regional Committees*. The intention here is to allow ABTA to engage more closely with the increasing numbers of homeworkers employed by ABTA Members, and to enable them to bring their expertise and experience to support the Association.

*There are currently 546 home-workers employed by ABTA managed branches.