03 Jun

60 years of ABTA

John McEwan, Chairman of ABTA will mark 60 years of ABTA at the Travel Matters Conference on 3 June.

He said: “From its foundation, ABTA has had a central role in helping to maintain confidence at the heart of travel. Now, more than ever, that confidence is key to the sustainability and future prosperity of the travel industry.

“Whether providing operational support in times of crisis, building and maintaining consumer confidence, working with destinations to manage their social and ecological footprint, or taking our industry’s case to government, ABTA is there to help our Members build successful businesses.

“ABTA is engaged across a very wide range of issues, and is able to do this because of the reputation, trust and recognition that have been built over many years.

“Over that time our Members have built a great industry which has revolutionised the lives of millions of people – both in the UK and overseas – bringing real wealth and happiness.

“It has been a process of constant evolution – marked by successes – and some failures – as the industry has grown and developed, but throughout ABTA has been there to support its Members, protect customers and maintain standards.

“It has itself changed as an organisation, adapting to the changing needs of its Members and is now ready to play its distinctive role in taking the industry forward. It is very hard to predict the exact shape of our sector in future years – especially given the many uncertainties we now face - but the values of customer care and confidence will remain at its heart and ABTA will be there as an emblem of all that is good in travel, and as the brand of quality and trust.”