When I arrived at my resort, staff at reception said I’d been moved to another hotel, what can I do?

This depends on the reason for the move, and the standard and location of the alternative hotel.

If you were moved to accommodation of a similar standard and in the same resort, then your tour operator or accommodation supplier isn’t obliged to do any more for you.

If you’re not happy and don’t accept the alternative, any additional costs you incur in moving or travelling home will have to be paid by you. Please note, you’re unlikely to receive compensation in this instance.

If, however, you were moved to accommodation of a lower standard, or in a different resort, then this would normally be judged to be a significant change and you’d have the right to be brought home at no expense to you.

Compensation may be payable too, although it wouldn’t be if the reason for the change of hotel was outside your travel company’s control.

Once you return home, you should contact your tour operator or accommodation supplier. Do this straight away and follow the guidance in our Travel Clinic.

Even if the company is not an ABTA Member you should follow the procedure and hopefully the matter will be resolved or explained to your satisfaction.

ABTA advice
When making your complaint, consider what you would like in terms of compensation and be very clear about this to your travel company. 

Please note however, this doesn't guarantee you'll receive any compensation.

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