I’ve found out that the holiday resort I’ve booked has very few facilities, what are my options?

Your travel company advertises facilities and amenities in good faith, but there may be occasions when the advertised services – for example nightclubs or water sports – aren’t available.

However, hotels and resorts do usually try to provide facilities relative to the anticipated number of guests, and travel companies do impress upon them that all facilities should be available to their guests throughout their stay.

Speak to your travel company as they may be able to assist. If they're unable to move you to an alternative hotel then you should accept the original booking under protest and advise them that you reserve the right to pursue the matter upon your return. Bear in mind that if the company is able to move you any cost increase may be passed on to you.

ABTA advice
If you’ve booked in low season, the resorts and hotels tend to be less busy and this may affect what facilities are available.

Top tip
If, when you arrive, you have any complaint you must complete a customer complaint form with the rep and retain a copy.

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