I’ve arrived at my accommodation on holiday and it hasn’t been paid for, should I pay for it again?

It is entirely up to you. There could be a number of reasons why your hotel hasn’t been paid.

First, you should try and contact your accommodation supplier and find out what’s going on. If you can’t get hold of them, or if they are no longer trading, you'll need to think about your options; either to pay again or return home early.

If you do decide to pay again for your hotel, you may be able to claim the money back when you get home.

If you decide not to pay for your hotel again, the hotelier is not obliged to let you stay. You may decide to return home early in this case.

Be aware, if you do try to fly home early you may be charged for the flight again.

Top tip
Always ensure you have your paperwork to hand including emergency numbers of your travel agent and/or accommodation supplier (this should be clear on your paperwork).

Keep these papers secure.

Flying home early should be a last resort.

Next steps
Read through our complaints procedure.

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